Rc deathmatch
Creator Valve Corporation
Game mode Deathmatch
Console codename rc_deathmatch

Floors 2
Pads 9
Jump arrows 16
Jump pads 4
Deflectors 8
Powerups 1

Deathmatch is a map in Ricochet. It is one of two deathmatch maps included in original game.


Deathmatch has two floors. The bottom floor contain all of the deflectors, and the second floor has a random powerup but no deflectors. All of the pads on the second floor contain a jump arrow that allows the player to go to the first floor.


The deflectors on first floor make "disc flooding" easy. On the second floor, good aiming is required, because there are no deflectors, and the gaps between pads are large.

Official maps in Ricochet[edit]
Deathmatch · Deathmatch 2

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